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Ferrari 458 Italia Test Drive

ferrari 458 italia

Speed Km/h

0-100 Km/h


Ferrari 458 Italia Test Drive

ferrari 458 italia


  • Top Speed: 327 Km/h
  • Speed 0-100 Km/h: 3.4s
  • Hp: 570

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Would you like an adrenaline rush? the rental of a beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia in Maranello is what you are looking for. Even if we are talking about the smallest model of the rampant foal Firm, the Ferrari 458 Italia reaches a maximum speed of over 325 km/h and achieves 100 km/h in less than 3,4 seconds. Do you not believe it? Challenge yourself: rent the Ferrari 458 Italia with Start’n Go and choose your itinerary around Maranello, the city that saw the birth of this jewel. You’ll understand the power of this car as soon as you try it. The rental of the Ferrari 458, signed Pininfarina, speaks about pure power and speed. If these data have not yet made you lose your mind, its enveloping seats will certainly do it.
Comfortable and ergonomic, they will make you feel perfectly at you ease to not press the accelerator top much. It will be very hard to not feel himself as Michael, who has improved the motor of this car through several hour of toil. Now the motor of the Ferrari 458 is perfect for your rental. Today you could be the pilot: look at the different test drive and obtain your ride in a Ferrari.

The precise steering and the fluid engine in the delivery of horses allow anyone who chooses to buy a Ferrari 458 Italia rental package to feel himself like a true formula1 pilot. When the engine starts, it will be the powerful rumble that will welcome you on a perfect race car even on the road. Are you ready to throw yourself into a new adventure, or to give a friend or a relative an unforgettable gift? Contact us to have additional info about the rental of the Ferrari 458 Italia or buy the package that you wish directly on Startn’Go website.



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